BitFlip is an old-school style shoot-’em-up in which you are a computer virus infiltrating a network. You have to dodge antivirus programs and eliminate security measures to reach your goal, where you’ll battle it out with the dreaded User. You can take out obstacles with normal bullets, use your Spoof ability to dodge virus scans, and change the “world” itself with your BitFlip gun.

BitFlip Firewall

BitFlip Virus Scan

Project Details

What was I told to make?

We were told to make a simple, classic 2D shoot-’em-up with an interesting theme in Pygame. Our game was required to have at least 3 unique player abilities, 3 kinds of obstacles or challenges, and one final challenge. (Game Development I, first project.)

When did I make it?

The fall semester of my junior year.

How long did it take to make?

Two weeks from assignment to completion.

What parts did I make?

I did a lot of work on the enemy AI and wrote an enemy generator. I also helped design the command line-style user interface and implemented it, and I made the scrolling-code background, which actually displays the source code for the game itself.

Who else helped make it?

Myself and four teammates: one other programmer, an artist, a level designer, and a music & sound guy.


BitFlip was the first electronic game I ever made that wasn’t a text adventure.  I’d often heard the rule that your first dozen games will suck no matter what you do, so I was happily surprised at how good it actually turned out.  It’s quite a simple game, but I loved it, and it only made me more excited about making games. I do wish we’d built our levels with more focus on using the special abilities.