Tegami Title

Tegami is a sweet and simple game about flying which borrows from Japanese mythology.  A fox messenger tasked with delivering a package to the heavens, you acquire a flying lantern to carry you up through the sky, outer space, and beyond.  Flying isn’t without its dangers, though – if your lantern takes a hit, you’ll fall!  If you use your power to vanish, they’ll pass right through you… but the lantern vanishes too, so you start to drift downwards.  Collect fox tails for extra lives and apples for bonus points as you fly to the top of the sky!

Tegami - Sky

Tegami - Space

Tegami - Heaven

Project Details

What was I told to make?

We were given five random verbs and told to choose three which we’d use to define our gameplay. Our verbs were fly, vanish, and collapse. (Game Development I, third project.)

When did I make it?

The fall semester of my junior year (2010).

How long did it take to make?

Two weeks from assignment to completion.

What parts did I make?

The gameplay was my idea.  I did all of the gameplay programming, including the player controls and the second-order movement of the little fox (he swings back and forth and his ears go up and down as he flies).  I also did the enemy spawning, movement, and AI, made particle effects, and implemented the sound effects.

Who else helped make it?

Myself and four teammates: one other programmer, two artists, and a project manager/music and sound guy/jack of all trades.


We’ve all played games with such a good control scheme that moving was a joy in itself. and we decided that would be our main goal.  We put a lot of time and effort into the control scheme and second-order movement of the fox character, and kept most of the game very simple and open to give the player a lot of freedom to play with.  Keeping it simple also gave us more time to polish it than we normally had for these two-week projects, and we were very happy about that.  I’m rather happy with how this game came out.